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Kaye Village Gold Miners is a major leading group in mining and selling gold dust and gold bar in Mali, We have been into gold mining since 1975 and up to date. Our Gold remains +22.2carat, 96.6% purity or even better, our price is negotiable and our service is very smoothly. We Kindly welcome any interested buyer who is capable and ready to purchase in large quantity our product gold dust and also if the client want it in bars is also available depending if the client is financially capable of handling the charges of the melting process, our price is also cheap to the fact that it is a local price we do render to interested client who prefer coming down to Mali for the purchase based on a long term business relationship, we hope to receive clients from all part of the world who are ready to purchase our product gold dust and bars, also in terms of quantity we have enough quantity if the client want it on weekly ,monthly or yearly basis, we are capable of handling any quantity as far as the client is a real and serious buyer who have the experience of gold business. we expect mails from different interesting buyers who are ready to work with our procedures to favor the both parties and at the end of the transaction both parties will be happy ,and hope for a lasting transaction in future.




Mr.Aaron Keita

You can find us at Rue 120 Porte 450 Fadale Kalanbacoura Bamako Mali, Bamako. Feel free to contact us

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